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Welcome to our Atelier, where diversity thrives and creativity knows no bounds. Our team is an extraordinary blend of individuals hailing from various cultures and professional backgrounds. Each member brings their unique perspective and expertise to the table, ensuring a truly interdisciplinary approach.

What unites us is our shared belief in the transformative power of interior design on people's well-being.

While we may have different design philosophies and approaches, we all speak the same language when it comes to creating spaces that uplift and inspire. Every team member is an integral part of the design process, contributing their distinct talents to deliver the exceptional results we seek for our clients.

We understand that the synergy within our diverse team is what makes our work truly outstanding. It is through constant collaboration and learning from one another that we continue to grow and evolve each day.


Paula Portet

Principal Designer

Meet Paula, an interior designer whose unique background and diverse cultural influences shape her design approach. Born to a French father and Chilean mother, Paula’s multicultural heritage has instilled in her a deep appreciation for the beauty of different traditions and the power of each one’s identity.

By incorporating personal touches and elements that resonate with her clients, Paula creates spaces that not only reflect their individuality but also enhance their well-being and create a design tailored to their needs.

With a keen eye for detail, Paula's designs embody a harmonious blend of classic elegance, modern sensibilities, and a touch of eclectic charm.

Kelsey Fischman

Kelsey Fischman

Project Manager

Meet Kelsey, a Napa native who has a natural talent for organization and project management.

After establishing a career in the tech industry for 10+ years, Kelsey took the leap to pursue her passion in interiors by bringing her project management and technical skills to Portet Design.

She approaches everything she does with thoughtful planning, and loves being able to streamline the design process to help clients create spaces that they love. She stays inspired by traveling the world and enjoys incorporating diverse perspectives.

Christin Gregersen

Christin Gregersen

Design Consultant

Meet Christin, an Interior designer from Vancouver who moved to San Francisco to pursue her Masters in Interior Architecture and Design at the Academy of Art.

She currently owns an interior design studio and works with Portet Design as Design Consultant.  

She finds inspiration in Architecture, Art and Travel, infusing her appreciation of the West Coast lifestyle and her ever evolving style. By including both honored classics and custom pieces created by local craftspeople and artists, Christin combines styles to create distinctive spaces that are comfortable, practical and personal.

Carolina Castro

Carolina Castro

Lead Designer

Meet Carolina, a Colombian architect and interior designer who brings her vibrant cultural background to our Atelier. With a master's degree in Visual Identity from Milan, she integrates her passion for storytelling into her approach to interior design.

By carefully designing each element, she ensures that every project carries a unique narrative and speaks to the essence of the individuals who will inhabit those spaces.

Her ability to blend functionality with storytelling creates harmonious and immersive environments that resonate deeply with the clients, fostering a deep sense of connection and belonging.

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Florencia Nievas


Meet Florencia, an Argentine architect passionate about interior design. Considering architecture as an artistic discipline, she strives to transform ideas into spaces that reflect human well-being. Through meticulous analysis and thoughtful consideration, Florencia creates warm and personalized environments tailored to each individual's unique needs. Her ability to bring clients' visions to life turns spaces into personalized havens that exude harmony and style. 

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