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Welcome to our interior design atelier: A boutique studio where creativity and craftsmanship meet to produce truly unique and bespoke interiors that prioritize your quality of life. 


We design based on the fundamental principles of Biophilia [love of life]: the innate bond that humans have with nature which connects them to their essence.
We believe in the power that the balance between you+interior design+nature has, to influence our well-being. 

We strive to provide the highest level of quality in everything we do.


An Atelier is a creative space where designers work collectively to create and develop new designs trough collaboration, experimentation and a constant process of teaching and learning.

In Portet Design Atelier, we work collaboratively to generate ideas, experiment with materials and techniques, and refine our work through constant feedback and critique.

We have a focus on hands-on learning and experimentation, as well as a culture of innovation and creativity always as a team process.

Here's some of our work

Services we offer you

En Pointe.

Interior Design.

Landscaping Architecture.

 Quality of life is what one is ultimately seeking in the purchase of a new home – and we believe that a well-staged home can tremendously help in conveying that potential in a space.

We specialize in creating unique and personalized spaces that reflect your individual lifestyle and needs, working collaboratively to bring it to life, from initial concept to final installation.

Good interior design has a relationship with the exterior. They are two sides of the same coin, and must work together to create complete balanced and harmonious spaces and envirmonments. 


"An interior is the natural projection of the soul."
-Coco Chanel


Napa, CA. 94558

Phone: +1.707.363.1063

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Let's Work Together

Thank you for contacting us!

R and J P.

Paula was amazing to work with! Her work resulted in what came to be our dream home. She has the vision and an eye for what it would take to make something ordinary quite spectacular.

M. McCurry

I discovered Paula and she has been a pleasure to work with!! Paula's international background and wine country lifestyle comes though in her design.


She was like breath of fresh air. She is up-beat, respectful, and very pleasant to work with. It was a pleasant surprise to see my home through Paula's eyes.

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